How To Become And Remain A Runner

Running is a fantastic form of exercise that helps us build flexibility, core strength and overall fitness. Additionally, while running, we release endorphins, which make us feel happier. However, for many, running is a very strenuous activity and they find it difficult not just to get started with a running program but to stick with it as well. Hopefully, the following hints and tips provided below will help you to become a runner for life.

1 – Design something that works for you.

There are some rules that are universal when it comes to running. For instance, you should warm up first and you should have good quality running shoes. But other than that, it is really up to you to decide what your running program will be like. You might want to run half an hour a day in one go, or an hour every other day. You can choose the terrain and the length of your run. Running is real freedom, in other words.

2 – Watch your eating habits.

It should be noted that running is a great way to get fit and healthy, but only if you combine it with a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. If you go for a run and then tank up on snacks, you will have undone all your hard work. Also, make sure you consume a diet for runners to support your muscles, tendons and joints.

“Runners should eat a small handful of almonds at least three to five times per week. Nuts, especially almonds, are an excellent source of vitamin E, an antioxidant that many runners fall short on because there are so few good food sources of it.”

Also, it is advisable to consume eggs, sweet potatoes, whole grain protein cereal, oranges, canned black beans, mixed salad greens, salmon, whole grain bread, frozen stir-fry vegetables, whole grain pasta, chicken, frozen mixed berries, dark chocolate and low fat yoghurt.

3 – Commit to 10 minutes.

The first 10 minutes of a run are always the worst. They hurt, they ache and you get stitches. However, no matter how uncomfortable they are, they won’t kill you. Fight through those first 10 minutes and you will start to notice the endorphins running through your body.

4 – Differentiate between good and bad pain.

Running hurts, but there is a big difference between good pain and bad pain and you need to learn to be differentiate them from each other.

“Learn to distinguish between the muscle aches that go with pushing your legs and lungs farther and faster than they’ve gone before, and the more alarming pains that should stop your run, and prompt some rest and a call to a sports medicine specialist ASAP.”

5 – See running as a lifestyle.

If you truly want to be a runner for life, you have to start acting like you like it as well. You need to be committed to the sport and actually go out and do it. You need to learn how to drown out your own negative voices that tell you running is too hard and too painful.