About Us

Dr. Sam Bakhtiar is recognized as one of the top fitness, nutrition and metabolism experts in the nation.

Dr. Sam coaches and trains individuals for weight loss, lean muscle gain, holistic wellness, and sports performance in Southern California as well as other countries from all over the world (online training, email and phone coaching).

He runs Fitness Concepts, One of the nation’s top personal training facility located in Chinco, CA and is the author of the highly publicized and rated book, “Total Body Transformation Secrets”. He believes fitness and nutrition should be “effortless”.

His passion for fitness started from wanting to change his own below average physique to an award winning physique which won him 23 first place titles from 1992-2005. It was in college that Dr. Sam competed in top ranked national bodybuilding all while maintaining a full time schedule with work and school. He has truly mastered how to balance life, his life and today he teaches his methods all around world.

Dr. Sam as a bodybuilder

His credentials include:
• Bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Penn State University in sports science and life science
• Doctorate Degree from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic
• He has won 23 major bodybuilding titles including Mr. Orange County, Mr. Pittsburgh, Mr. California, Emerald Cup, Tournament of Champions, as well as placing runner up in Mr. USA.
• Over 18 years experience in coaching professional, collegiate, and recreational athletes from all sports.

sam-bb-and-j 2
Dr. Sam with his family

Dr. Sam hosts the highly popular fitness, nutrition and wellness website at FitnessGurusam.com and Dr.SamInnerCircle.com, which features blogs, videos, and product reviews from Dr. Sam. He is a frequent contributor to West Coast, Fit-Pro magazine as well as he has been featured in major magazines such as Muscle and Fitness, Flex, Muscle Mag and Iron Man.

As a public speaker on fitness, nutrition, and training, Dr. Sam hosts various workshops throughout Southern California to educate and empower.